Garden Contract Highlights

Highlights of Festival Beach Community
Garden Contract

  • You agree to maintain your garden plot
  • You agree to work 2 hours per month to maintain community area, or pay $10 per month in lieu of working
  • You agree to participate in one of the garden’s committees or stewardship teams
  • You agree to arrange to have your plot watered and maintained during periods of absence, or to contact the garden coordinator if you can’t maintain your plot
  • You agree to remain on site while watering
  • You agree not to use chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers
  • You agree to notify the garden coordinator if you wish to terminate your contract

Highlights of Festival Beach Rules
and Procedures for Garden Maintenance

  • You must maintain your garden plot and keep it weed free
  • You must keep the path around your garden maintained and clear for walking and moving wheelbarrows
  • You will be contacted if your garden is not maintained, and you will have 2 weeks to bring your garden into compliance. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of your garden and no money will be refunded.
  • If you travel for an extended period you must find someone to maintain your plot, and you must register them as an interim gardener
  • You must contribute to maintaining the community area of the garden at least 2 hours per month, or pay $10 per month in lieu of actual work performed
  • Community work days are planned regularly where you can fulfill your work commitment
  • You can work independently of the work days by completing tasks listed in the Work Hours Notebook in the tool shed

Highlights of
Bylaws for Festival Beach Community Garden

  • Lists garden positions and states how officers and positions will be filled
  • States that everyone must hold a garden position
  • States no harassment, threats, verbal abuse or violence will be tolerated
  • Requires Pets to be on leashes or within Garden Pet enclosure area
  • Restricts trees within individual gardens, or any structure that shades another garden
  • Community Tools must be used for purpose intended, cleaned and stored after each use
  • You can only access garden during daylight hours
  • No smoking in garden areas
  • No driving within garden area except to unload gardening items on designated areas
  • No glass containers
  • No use of chemically treated wood
  • You may only rent one plot at a time
  • You may not sell your produce or flowers without permission from PARD
  • PARD is not responsible for personal injury or property damage
  • COA Water conservation guidelines must be followed

For details on these requirements,
please read the complete version of the
Festival Beach Community Garden Rules, Procedure for Garden Maintenance
and the Garden Contract and the Bylaws provided to each member, and
located on our website: